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Love Season Concert

Love Season Concert is an event celebrated annually, which is designed to create an atmosphere of
Love, Merriment and Family bonding. It holds on Boxing day, December 26.
The debut edition was held on Christmas day in 20904 at the Gymnasium Hall of the National
Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.

Love Season Concerts’ divergent from others in the category where everyone that enters for the show
gets refreshments (encompassing from small chops, popcorn, cocktail drinks, soft drinks and water).
Everyone will also go home with branded items from sponsors and organizers.
Family Friendly Fun.
This is the slogan espouse for the concert. It beautifully depicts the setting where father, mother,
uncles, aunties and children sit at the same table to enjoy the content of the concert. There is no
explicit content in the music, dance and comedy provided.
Donations in cash and kind are also given to Charity Organisations and less privilege families in the
Organisations who seize the opportunity provided by the concerts generally enjoy the following


  •  3 30” spots of brand’s regular commercial weekly (for 2 months) within LLG and Soccer Tori on TVC Lagos, GTV Abeokuta, RSTV PH, and DRTV Warri valued at N15.5 million.
  • 2 squeeze backs of brand campaigns
  • Event promo on TV and Radio bears brand name as sponsor(s).
  • Playback on TV after each of the two days.
  • Live coverage on Inspiration FM titled after brand e.g (Company/Brand Name) Shout-Out @ LSC 2012 with brand’s jingles aired in-between.
  • Gifts distributed on the float would bear company/brand name.
  • Float Branding.
  • In-Hall Branding.
  • Printed materials bear company/product logo (i.e fliers, tickets, banners, shirts, etc).
  • No competitive brands.
  • Goodwill.

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